There's an old house, nestled amongst the grand cedars and pine trees of the foothills of Northern California. You enter the unassuming doorway, just past the battered old green mailbox. The space seems suddenly to expand, the ceiling flies up and away, and the room seems to stretch out into the distance. A geisha, who seems indeterminate in almost every respect, escorts you to your table without a word, and walks through the curtain to the rear of the house. Strange sounds emerge, a combination of ancient weaponry and cooking. Drums and singing bowls used in the preparation of special teas and fine coffees. Blood curdling screams and the thumps and slams of the kitchen martial arts come through. You think, maybe I'll go somewhere else for a nice refreshing pot of tea. The geisha pokes his or her head through the curtain, anticipating your attempted escape, and wags a finger. You sit down, resigned, to await your fate. Don't worry. Everything will work out just fine. Well, probably: the Teahouse of Danger is a place where anything can happen. A performance where Death, Himself might come to sit at your table. Artwork that seems to have escaped from somewhere else, to find you, and take you by the hand back to the strange and wonderful world whence it came. And all at extremely affordable prices!

The Teahouse of Danger is a group of artists working together to bring you their work, at a cost that almost anyone can afford. Everything we sell is guaranteed; anything you order can be returned for a full refund if you're not totally satisfied. We're looking for ways to share a part our lives, and the wealth we feel so lucky to have, with you. Welcome to the Teahouse of Danger. Come in for a nice pot of tea. Leave with much more.



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TEAHOUSE OF DANGER • PO BOX 342 GRASS VALLEY CA 95945 • 877.663.3324