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Monday, April 07, 2008

I've been taking care of my brother Douglass who had some eye stuff going on for the last month. A vitreous hemorrhage, torn and detached retina, then a vitrectomy and laser surgery... it's all working out well now, but after that surgery he had to stay face down for 2 weeks... while the retina got settled in.

this is after the doctors did their best to remove the eye with spoons.

after the surgery Douglass gets ready for his two weeks of looking at the ground.


Blogger Tadao said...

hello, How is Douglas doing? does he have vision in that eye? How does he feel? My husband Chuck just had the same surgery done and for the detached retina and and he had the face down recovery with the gas bubble . After 4 weeks his retina detached again and had to have the same surgery again and this time with the oil bubble. Now he's face down for another two weeks. I was wondering how successful can the surgery and procedure be? I'm taking care of him but when I look in his eye I don't now if it looks OK or not because it is so red and I don't know what it's supposed to look like. Tell him Good Luck for me and please answer and tell me how it is going for him? Thanks Tadao

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