Monday, May 9, 2005

I'm working on a new performance/book piece called Death As A Salesman. Our civilization (so-called) is based on business, so Mr. or Mrs. Death will most likely appear to us and work with us in the form of a Salesman. What could be more appropriate?

Civilization is a "business model". And that business model doesn't take into account our own personal deaths. It takes into account death as an insurance issue, or a demographic or military number, but not at all the issues that face each of us in our own personal end time. And that's no accident; if we were more aware of our own mortality and the real - most definitely real, really really real - outcomes that we could modify by our own behavior, we wouldn't act as our business culture needs us to, i.e. thoughtlessly. I think that's not very clear, but that's why I need a performance and/or a book to present it; I can't do a haiku on why facing our death is important. The most important.

BTW, Dorothy will be doing the actual performance. I am much too shy.


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